Sunday, July 15, 2007

And it all starts now

To blog or not to blog. Life is good to the Schmauss's. We have food(probably to much), family, friends, a nice home, health, each other, the gospel. I mean what more can you ask for? Recently I spoke to some friends of mine about the strange status of being blessed with almost everything you want. Prayer seems a little less meaningful. Giving thanks is easy, but having sincere comunicative prayer seems more difficult when you do not feel the deep sense of need. Yet, we all have needs. Anyhow just some deep thought to start with. To get you up to date. Christy and I have been marriaged for over 2 yrs now. Christy is still working at Champion tile and marble, I am a p.e. teacher at Schorr Elementary. Little Ruby came into our lives in January and she goes to work with mom tues,weds, thurs, and stays with dad on Mon and Fri. Ruby is our ray of sunshine her smile melts aways any form of darkness. I am currently off for the summer so I am finishing up my last two papers for my Masters of Education and fixing up the house as I go. We are looking to Christy working less and being at home more. Finiancially this may be a struggle, but we are prepared to enjoy life as a family first. Must keep first things first right? Well more banter later now onto my posting pictures if that is possible.